September 23, 2016

I will go to hell

I am going to hell. How do I know? They told me. And who are they?  Well, there is a long list of people who want to see me go to hell.

First on the list is my wife … every now and then when I make her real mad (intentionally and unintentionally) … she will be fast to retort … “Go to hell” … in a menacing tone and manner. It’s OK, after living with her for so many years, I am used to that … like many women, what she says and what she really means is totally different.

Then there are those who said that if I don’t believe in what they believed in … I will go to hell. They sounded very convincing and they are very sure I will be there soon enough.

And I know there are a few whom I may have offended bad enough to curse me to hell. Hey, I am not a saint … I don’t have to pretend. In my 50+ years of life and especially during my working days … I did offend quite a few people. Call it corporate politics but that is how one needs to survive in the “dog-eat-dog” world.

Last but not least, I know a few crazy ones who wish that I will go to hell … "meet you there" ... they said. This bunch of people are more or less like me … they think that they are more likely to end up in hell than anywhere else when they die. Good to know that I will have a few peers with me when I am in hell.

So I am going to hell … what‘s the big deal? What am I trying to say? Stop beating around the bush … get to the point!

OK, OK … bear with me, I will get to it soon … indulge me for a short while, I need to build an elaborate setting to my message to make it interesting mah.

Alright, here it is … you see, they say that the soul will be tortured in hell … let me repeat, the SOUL will be tortured … not the body or anything else. Hmmm, it is just the soul that the devil wants. So when I die, there is no need to bring my body and everything that is in it to hell right? OK good … if that is the case, I might as well do something with my body and whatever in it.

So what can I do? Donate … yes, donate my organs. Since they think I have not done anything good (that is why they say I am going to hell remember?) when I am alive, I might as well do something good when I die. As a matter of fact, I have already signed up for organ donation. And for that matter, take my cadaver too … I am sure they can make good use of it in medical schools. Maybe after the good medical students are done with my cadaver, I hope they can process it into fertilizers … I read something on the internet recently that bodies can now be processed into fertilizers … do it, don’t let it go to waste.

Look, the gist of this long “go to hell” story is to get to the point about organ donation and maybe even body donation. The point I want to make is … many are not willing to donate their organs or body for medical needs or studies because their faith and beliefs won’t allow it … it is a sin to do so. I don’t know why … I don’t know the religious reason behind this sin.

My simple reasoning is … if someone can believe there is heaven and hell … they can believe that it is their souls that will go to heaven or hell when they die … then they really don’t need their organs and bodies which most likely will be left to rot or burnt to ashes. Then why not donate their organs and body to good use?

I don’t believe there is heaven or hell … so for me, it is just a practical reason why I want to donate my organs and my body when I die. But for those who believe there is heaven and hell, there is one more reason for them to do so. Let's put it this way, if you did good while you are alive and your soul will go to heaven … why not walk that extra mile and do good one more time when you die … heaven don’t need your body or your organs, so donate them to those in need. Or, if you have done bad while you are alive and your soul will be in hell … might as well take the opportunity to do one last good thing when you die. Hey, you will never know … maybe the devil will go easy on you for the one last good thing that you did.


The Flying Carpet... said...

Hahaha another good and entertaining piece! I will probably meet you in hell too, since we don't have time to meet on earth for lunch or drinks! Hahaha... :-)