May 24, 2010

It is not fair!

A couple of weeks ago, I met with a good friend of mine and in our conversation she talked about a female colleague in her company … actually she was having a bit of problem at work and was looking for someone to listen to her grouses. She told me “Shiek, it is not fair … my boss seems to agree to everything my colleague says and is especially nice and generous to her whereas all the things that I proposed never gets his attention”. I simply told her that maybe her discussion in the boardroom is not as effective as her colleague’s pillow talk in the bedroom and asked her if she ever wondered who is jumping into whose bed? Immediately she asked me how I knew. Oh come on, is it so difficult to guess? Workplace is the number one place for (extra marital) affairs … especially the boss-employee type.

Scenario like this is very real and is happening every day in many companies. This often leads favouritism, biased intentions and unfair decisions. Sad as it may be but that is the fact.

Back to my friend … she asked me “How arr? Should I confront my boss?” I told her nobody is stupid enough to confront the boss. Well, maybe occasionally there will be someone foolish enough to brazen up to the boss and most likely in the process numbered his or her days in the company.

“It is not fair! I worked so hard for so many years” she said almost in tears. I can see the anger, disgust, jealousy and distrust, all flashing across her face. I told her that contrary to common belief, hard work doesn’t always pays off. My friend is a classic case of a person who strived on working hard and makes an honest living but suffered quietly. The reality is hard work and honesty won’t get you far. Even if they do, it is a very old fashion slow process.

Sometimes you feel like you are working for ass holes and getting shit, right? The following illustration explains it all.

The Company’s Hierarchy

When top levels look down, they see shit.
When bottom levels look up, they see ass holes.

So, you want to get things done fast and move up faster so that you don’t get so much shit? Then be an ass hole. Try pillow talk on the bed and if the boss is not jumping into your bed (or you into his or hers), then try “rubba rubba” (my slang for polishing) some important backsides. It is fairly easy to pick up the “rubba rubba” skill … you just need to have thick skin, a yes-man attitude and sweet talking ability … no need for hard work and honesty. If you are not into pillow talk and “rubba rubba”, then I would suggest some tactical approaches like back stabbing, finger pointing, blame throwing and names calling. Bad as it may sound but at least these tactics will let you step on someone to get out of the frying pan. Appalling as it is but that is the reality in the working world today.

So, if you are like my friend, an old fashion hard working employee making an honest living, life is never fair. Live with it. The moment you were born, you were crying while everyone else was smiling … you know it is not going to be fair.

May 09, 2010

When my time comes

My good friend sent me a presentation simply called “When my time comes” and I thought I should share the true words from this presentation with all.

It started by saying that we spent a good part of our early lives going to school learning how to become a good person and finally got our qualifications that will secure better jobs for us. And we went in search of our dream job.

We soon started working. Through a few jobs and a lot of hard work, we got ourselves accepted into the real working world. Then we strived hard to build our careers putting great effort and sacrifice most of our time to make ourselves a bona fide professional. We chased for new targets every year and time quickly went by unnoticed. We kept going.

Along the way we found someone to love. Promises made and very soon we want to share our lives and move into the next chapter together. Whether planned or not, we started a family added more family members in a few short years. As our little ones grow, we were still very busy building our careers. And we kept going.

We advanced, trying to do the best for our families. Finally we were financially established, have accumulated enough for a comfortable life. By then we were almost exhausted. But we needed some more. We need more time as we want to triumph completely, we want to be rich and enjoy luxury. We wanted the perfect 10! So we pushed and kept going.

Then one day we were told, they don’t need us anymore. We couldn’t believe it but reality quickly took over. We were cut off from everything in a sudden. Time ran out and the years showed its depreciation. We no longer possess the physical ability and gravity became our main enemy. Our health declined. We began to lose some of our senses. Then we start to lose our friends. While we wait for the day to come, we ask ourselves … “when my time comes, did I live a happy good and satisfied life?

Sounds familiar to what you have been doing?

Some time ago, I heard someone said this … “When we were born, we were dying to grow up, then we were dying to go to college, then we were dying to work, then we were dying to get married and have children, then dying to get rich ... and finally we were really dying. All the while we were dying to do so many things, we forgot how to live”.

I beg to differ … you can read how I found “HAPPINESS IN ADVANCE” and why “I WANT TO LIVE LONGER” to enjoy the “BEST THINGS IN LIFE”.