November 15, 2011

I am “not there yet”

Someone asked me why I decided to take life easy and slowed down while I am still at a “workable” age. He told me “You have to look forward, move forward, keep going, don’t slow down and if you still can, go for it”. I want to ask … move forward, keep going for what? Keep slogging for more so that I can show people that I have made it?

Back in the days when I was working with a luxury car company, I did some focus groups (research) on luxury car owners of a well known brand. I asked them what their thoughts were when they bought that expensive brand. All of them agreed that driving that particular brand, they are able to tell people the message “I have arrived” … meaning they have made it in life. 

Now, I don’t drive that particular expensive brand of luxury car nor do I own any other luxury car brands … I just cannot afford one. So what does that mean? I am “not there yet”? So I need to keep moving, keep working for more (while I am still "workable") … then I can show people that “I have arrived”? Nope ... that's not for me.

I looked and moved forward already … many years ago I set my goals, worked very hard, chased after my dreams … slowly, over the years, I managed to come to where I am now. Though I do not have anything to show but I too can proudly say that “I have arrived” to where I wanted to be. 

For now I can slow down. I don’t want to keep moving and chasing for more. I want to stay where I am, do what I enjoy and live the simple life the way I want. I am taking life and doing things at an easy pace. So I am staying put … that doesn’t mean I am slacking backwards in life … I am learning new things, absorbing new ideas and keeping up with new innovations that help make my life a lot easier.

Do I look forward now? Yes … I just look forward to a simple healthy life. That’s good enough. Don’t need to look forward too much … at my age if I looked a bit too far, I see death … now, I am definitely not looking forward to that. And for that matter, I am very glad to say I am “not there yet”.