June 07, 2011

Trekking Gunung Angsi

Gunung Angsi  (825 meters ASL) is one the many mountains that we love to trek. Situated in Ulu Bendol Forest Reserve in Negeri Sembilan, this mountain is fairly easy to trek. There are 3 trails (that we know of) going to the peak of this mountain … the main trail is from Ulu Bendol Recreation Park but we normally take the trail from Bukit Putus. There is another trail called the Ferny Trail going to the same peak.

Driving from KL, it takes about an hour to reach the base of this mountain along the road from Senawang to Kuala Pilah. Trekking up from Bukit Putus will take about 1 hour 30 minutes … some very fit trekkers can do in just over an hour and others may take longer to reach the peak. 

On 28MAY2011, four of us, (CT Lim, GT Lim, Steven Chin and I) trekked up from the road side at Bukit Putus. The last time we came to this mountain we saw that the coconut tree we planted sometime last year did not grow well so we brought along another coconut seedling to be planted on the peak. CT Lim was tasked to carry up the coconut seedling. I took about 1 hour 40 minutes to reach the peak trekking pass Panjang’s rest point and Pang’s rest point. On reaching the peak I was glad to meet KC Leong (who runs a blog called KC & The Sunshine Runners) and his fellow runners and trekkers who trekked up from Ulu Bendol Recreation Park. When our group first took up trekking a few years ago, we joined KC Leong and his group on a few outings and learned a lot from him. Nice to meet up with this mountain ‘sifu” again who is leading a group of trekkers up Mount Rinjani (Indonesia) very soon. All the best to them.

Met KC Leong (right) and his group at the peak of Angsi
(photo courtesy of KC Leong)

Shortly after, GT Lim arrived at the peak and a while later both CT Lim and Steven Chin made it to the peak after trekking for 2 hours. After a short rest we then find a spot and planted the coconut tree. Not sure if coconut trees can grow in high attitude environment but we hope that it will and in the future it can provide shade and bear fruits for thirsty trekkers.

We spent some time at the peak sharing jokes and trekking stories with KC Leong and his friends. A while later we decided to trek down and parted ways with KC and friends. We took the same way down to Bukit Putus base and already our minds were thinking of what to eat for lunch. After just over an hour we made it out of the jungle and went to a stream nearby to wash up. We then proceed to our favourite TIUB (Telur Itik Ulu Bendul) stall to purchase some “kampung” eggs from the Pak Cik who runs a duck farm and sells duck eggs at this stall. After that we drove to Senawang where we had “nasi campur” for lunch before heading home … it was a good day out at Gunung Angsi.