July 07, 2014

Karma, it works both ways

I came across a frustrated post of betrayal on a social media and attached to the post was the popular saying ... ‘KARMA : No need for revenge, just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves up and if you are lucky, God will let you watch’. The message was quite clear ... the person who posted this may feel that someone has betrayed him (or her) and is probably very mad hoping that those who done injustice to him (or her) will screw themselves up and get what they deserved.

Karma ... I understand the philosophy but I think too many people are too quick to use this philosophy to try to justify their grievances.

People always complained that they were played out, back stabbed, framed, blamed, bad mouthed and cheated ... many of these people conveniently invoked the words of Karma to seek justification for their suffering. Well, let me ask them ... have you ever done the same to others? NO? Well, you must be a real saint and if you are a saint, you won’t be complaining then.

Did you see an irony somewhere? Did it ever cross your mind that YOU are getting what YOU deserved? The pain and frustration that YOU are suffering are probably the same as what YOU have caused to those that YOU HAVE BETRAYED ... and it is the very same people YOU betrayed that are now watching YOU getting a taste of your own medicine ... have YOU thought of that?

Can you see what I am getting at?

Let me tell you this ... I did my fair share of foul plays. I have stepped on a few toes, stabbed a few backs, thrown blames, pointed fingers and staged a few ruses. Yes, I have done all that and I may have my reasons ... blame it on dirty company politics that one may need to stay afloat in the corporate world or the underhand business tactics to gain in business ventures. Now, I am not alone ... I believe there are many like me though they deny it.

So in return, I got my back stabbed ... was stepped on, bad mouthed, blamed and framed many times. I won’t deny it ... there were times I complained and have thought of justifying my grievances but then I also realize that I am just getting what I have thrown to others. Like they say ... what goes around comes around.
(What goes around comes around)
The thing is (and many will not admit it) that when you shoot an arrow at others ... you think that it is all OK. But when others shot back ... you complained and it is so easy to seek the justification from the words of Karma hoping that this belief will take its course on those whom you think have caused your grievances.

There is truth and wisdom in the words of Karma BUT remember there is also an irony that maybe you never thought of or maybe you just refuse to acknowledge ... KARMA,  IT WORKS BOTH WAYS.