November 04, 2009

Happiness in advance

Every time when someone ask me what I do for a living now, I simply say “I am just taking things at my own pace”. Nine out of ten replies I got were “Wah ! Ng sai low ar? “ (which means “Wow ! No need to work huh?” in Cantonese). Some sounded serious, some were sarcastic and others jokingly said. Anyway, most of them mistaken that I have retired for good.

Look, I am still working and I don’t intend to retire for now. It is just that I am working at my own pace. Simply put, I am doing things which give me more time to spend with my family, my friends and time to take care of my own well being and interest. Of course I earn a lot less now than I used to but I am happy to live within whatever I make. With some passive income from some small investments here and there, I have no complains about my present lifestyle. Like all, I have worked for some years, slogged to settle the house mortgage and other financial commitments. And with that done, I stopped chasing for more. Now, with whatever I can accumulate, I try to make it a point that I am going to like whatever that is coming with what I can afford. That way, I have found my happiness in advance.

I am sure not all will agree with me. We all have our own things to put in our basket of happiness. Status, wealth, power, materials … many convinced themselves that these are important things in the basket of happiness. They chased after them and keep chasing until they become very addictive to the fame, fortunes, influences and possessions that were dangled in front them together with the very tempting vices that are hard to resist. Very sad to see that in the mad chase, there are people who don’t want to stop and are prepared to go for it at all cost. Then there are many who don’t know when to stop. So when to stop? If people were to ask me when to stop, my answer will be, when it starts to affect your health, your family or your loved ones, it is already too late.

It is important to know when to stop and that is all up to you. How much is enough for you, what you like and what makes you happy is your decision. But if you have already decided that you are going to like and be happy with whatever that is coming with what you can afford, then like me, you have found your happiness in advance.


tenzing said...


are you going up tabur on march 19th next week. if you are i wan to join. my email add is

Stone Shiek said...

Hi Tenzing ... we are not going to Tabur next week. We trek mountains in neigbouring states nowadays.