October 23, 2009

Klang Gate Ridge

I never get bored trekking the Klang Gate Ridge. Apart from getting a good exercise from trekking along the ridge, one is also rewarded with the great view and feel of the nature, especially on a cool clear morning.

( The east side of the Klang Gate Ridge as seen along MRR2)

My friends and I have trekked the few sections of Klang Gate Ridge from east to west and vice versa many times. Every now and then we take different routes to ascend and descend the ridge. This enables us to really explore many parts of the ridge. Plenty of flora and faunas, unique rocks surfaces, insects, the Klang Gate Dam and its beautiful lake.

(On one side you see the hustle and bustle of KL city and on the other side is the serene Klang Gate Dam and its beautiful lake)
Last month, 4 of us (CK Lim, ML Lim, Edry Wong and I) trekked the ridge again. We ascended the ridge from the main water pipes area and decided to check out if there is a way to cross the ravine after the last ropes. The normal trek route will be climbing cliff face at the last rope area and trek at the top section until the ravine. Trekkers can’t cross the ravine and that will be the end. But our idea was not to climb up the cliff face at the last rope area but instead look for a way to bypass it at the base and trekked downwards to cross the ravine and head all the way out to the private orchard near the Rapid Bus Depot. There is no existing trail here so CK Lim and ML Lim decided to explore ahead while Edry Wong and I stayed back just in case as it was quite dangerous trekking through the edge of the cliff side of the ridge.

(The view of Klang Gate Ridge from the top and its unique vegetation along the trail)
About 45 minutes later, we received a call from ML Lim saying that they have made it to the other side of the ravine safely but it is very difficult for them to make it back to where we were. They have to proceed all the way through until they reach the orchard situated at the other side of the ravine. So Edry and I have to trek out back to the main water pipes area to collect our car and head over to the orchard to pick up CK Lim and ML Lim.

After picking them up and listening to what CK Lim and ML Lim said about the trail, we figure that it is not advisable for amateur trekkers to try this trail. There are just too many dangerous spots along the way.

Klang Gate Ridge is a very nice and popular place to trek. Many have trekked this ridge and it is still attracting a lot of trekkers both seasoned trekkers and amateurs. While it is fairly safe in most areas but there are also a few dangerous spots along the ridge. There were numerous accidents reported. Some trekkers were killed and some lucky ones were saved. Carelessness is one of the main culprits of these accidents. Respect the nature, be careful and you will enjoy trekking along this beautiful ridge.


Anonymous said...

i just wana ask bout the track..
i never been to bukit tabur b4..
so, is the track easy 4 da first tyme climber? i mean do we need any expert to guide us there??
can we easily find our way up there and way to return back??

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi, sorry for the late reply .. the track is fairly safe but there are a few dangerous spots along the way. It is better that you trek with someone who knows the trail.

The Klang Gate trail (both East and West) are clearly marked so it is easy to find the way in and out unless you make a detour. For first timers, it is recommended to with someone who knows the place.

Trek safely. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiek,

We met at the peak of Gunung Datuk.I'm quite interested in climbing the Klang Gate Ridge,are you doing any trip in the near future or do you know anyone who is climbing and would guide my friends and me. Thanks and hope to meet you again.

Amateur hiker
Subathra Kanagaraj

Stone said...

Yes, Subathra ... I remember ... I have your number. Will keep you posted on our activities ... maybe you can join us. Cheers!

Anonymous said...


From you blog, you seems a experienced hiker. I am wondering if my friends and I could join you to hike at Bukit Tabur if you going up there again.

KY Choo,
my email is: ckyeep@hotmail.com

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi KY Choo ... I wouldn't say we are very experience hikers or trekkers ... we have been trekking for a few years now and every trek is a new experience to us.

We are quite familiar with Tabur as we have been there many times. We still trek at Tabur every now and then, otherwise we trek other mountains around Selangor and neighbouring states.

Should we trek Tabur again in the near future, I will let you know and maybe you can join us. We mainly trek on Saturdays.


Anonymous said...


I am very please for your invitation. Please do let me know via my email when you are going to tabur in near future. I would like to join if I am available on Saturday. Thanks in advanced.


Anonymous said...

hi shaik, im new in this hiking...im interested to join.ive read about q's ppl asked u..r u still do bkt tabur in this near future..pls let me know...
send me an email ashikin_b@yahoo.com

indravenidotk said...

lovely post,

i'm thinking of going alone, do u think it's safe?

otherwise, I wouldn't mind joining you on a weekend.

I go to gasing regularly, but it's quite far, and i'm looking for somehting nearer to home.

do let me know, my email in indraveni.k@gmail.com


Ken said...


I was wonder when will you go on hiking at bukit tabur again. I have been there once and I wanna go back there again to take pictures. me and my friends are keen on hiking.

Is there any chance that you are going again do you think we can tag along as I don't know the trail as my previous hike was with a friend who don't really hike that often and busy with his schedule.

you can probably email me ken.ongkk@gmail.com if you are going and allow to let us tag along.

Ridzuan Cooper said...


Really informative blog entry you have here.

I'm going there with my friends this Sunday. One of them has been there 2 times so I think I'm more comfortable now.

What time should we climb up? If we climb at 6am, head lamp or torch light is a must I suppose?

The best way to come down is to take the same way going up?


Stone Shiek said...

Hi Ridzuan ... if you are climbing in the dark, please be very careful ... headlamps or torch lights have limitations ... there are a few dangerous areas in both Tabur East and Tabur West .. not sure which one you guys are going.

For Tabur West, it is best descent via the fruit orchard ... if you are on Tabur East ... you have to take the same way up and down.

If your friends have been there, I am sure they will be able to guide you .... please trek safely :)

For more info, you can go to this blog http://bukittabur.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...


When are you going there again ? We will waiti for you ..


Canogik said...


We are thinking of hiking with our two boys,aged 8 & 10. It will be our first time on this trail. Is it advisable?

Stone Shiek said...

Hi Canogik ... this trail is quite dangerous with steep drops and sharp rock surfaces at many areas as well as some places one needs tackle ropes ... it is too dangerous for kids.

Please don't trek here with your kids ... strictly NOT advisable.