May 20, 2014

I am detached

When I wrote “What is your idea of an easy life”, as usual, I got a few comments from those who follow my blog ... most comments were mainly kind words, some offered their views on the subject while others share with me their differences. I am glad they took the time to give me their feedbacks.

There is one particular comment that I would like to talk about in this article.

This email comment suggested that I seem to be detached from life ... the anonymous commenter said that I seem to have given up on the good things in life. He (or she) wondered how one can live an easy life when one is not (in his or her words) ... “having the good things that you need to enjoy and live a better and easy life”.

Hmmmm ... I think I can see the point and I am sure this person has his (or her) very own idea of how to live an easy and better life which obviously is quite different from the way I see it. Now there is no right or wrong ... we are all in the same game just playing at different levels, in the same hell just dealing with different devils.

Yes, I gave up a lot of good things and in many circumstances I settled for less ... so, am I detached from life? I will come back to this in a while.

Many people think that having the good things will make their lives better or happier or easier  ... so, people are always chasing and looking to enhance and satisfy their material desires ... the problem is, they don’t realize that they have become so engrossed and addicted to the chase that they do not know how (or they just don’t want) to detach themselves from it ... then unknowingly, they let their material desires own them.

Now back to the question ... am I detached from life? NO, I am not detached from life ... I am very much attached and living my life the way I want. But I will say I am DETACHED in the context that doesn’t mean I SHOULD OWN NOTHING but that NOTHING SHOULD OWN ME.