May 05, 2012

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person …

What do you believe and what are your beliefs based on? People have their own reasoning for their beliefs ... many based on common logic, others applied their very own logic and some just don’t need any logic at all … they just believe.

I hear people say that life is fated … they believed everything in life is fixed. Sorry, I am not convinced … I don’t believe in fate at all. Why? I put it this way … in the ancient days when farmers planted their crops, whether it was going to be a good harvest or a bad disaster … they believe it was fated. Of course with today’s scientific information of the weather, knowledge of land cultivation and the understanding of pest control, we all know that farming have absolutely nothing to do with fate. But if people now don’t believe that fate will affect the crops … why do these same people believed that fate will affect their lives? Now, where is the logic?
Anyway, I am not here to tell you that you must accept what I said. If you believe your life is fated, I am sure you have your own logic in doing so. For me, believing in fate is as good as believing the email I received from the Interior Minister of Botswana who is going wire twelve million sterling pounds into my account as soon as I give him my banking details.

People ask me if I believe in god. I don’t … I cannot accept the logic of creationism. Then they say “But you believe in aliens”. YES, I believe in aliens and I am a big fan of ‘Ancient Aliens’ … I share the same thoughts as those in this TV series who believed that aliens visited us in the past. I know many will say it is absolutely crazy to think that aliens existed. My logic may not apply to them … they may not believe in aliens for the same reasons that I don’t believe in god … there is nothing wrong with that. Let's move on.

Then I want to ask ... will you burn your money? WHAT??? YES, I am asking if you will literally burn (light it up with fire) your money. You think I am crazy, right? Any sound person will not burn their hard earned cash … it is not right. But then to some people, if they use their hard earned money to buy fake money and then burn it … it is absolutely OK! What do I mean? Look at what people do during ‘Qing Ming’ (the Tomb Sweeping Day observed by the Chinese), you see them doing exactly what I just said … use their hard earned money to buy tons of fake money (the ‘hell notes’ as they call it) and burn it believing that their dead loved ones will receive the burnt hell notes in the netherworld and live a luxurious afterlife. Make sense? Sorry, to me it makes no sense. 

OK, we can argue until the cow comes home on what make sense and what don’t … really it is not about what you believe in or what I don’t … please don’t be bothered if I don’t share your beliefs and logic. I am not at all bothered if you choose to believe that there is an invisible being up there who created and controls everything in the universe. You do your thing, I do mine ... life goes on.

But let me say this … whatever your logic is, one cannot say yours is right and whatever your beliefs are, one cannot say yours are better.  But the problem is … there are people who simply cannot accept that others don’t share their beliefs and very often they insist that they are right and they are better. Please understand this … your beliefs don’t make you right, your beliefs don’t make you a better person … your behavior does.


KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Yeah... good!

Shiek Eng Meng said...

KC ... thank you for spending time on my blog :)

George Siew said...

Well said. Enjoy reading this article.