May 22, 2012

A baker, a tailor, a cook and a mechanic … are they any less respected?

I am sure all parents out there are always looking out for the most suitable (if not the best) education program for their kids … and as the kids grow, the cost of education increases … a lot. I want to ask … how much do you need for your kid’s higher education? Let’s not talk about those whose kids are offered scholarships and subsidies … let’s talk about the vast majority of those who have to dig into their own pockets.

Someone told me just recently that I have to set aside half a million dollars for each of my kid’s higher education. According to the person, by the time my kids go to college or university … for a 5-year degree program, the cost will be around one hundred thousand dollars a year … taking in consideration the course fees, books, food, accommodation, transport and other costs … and that is just to study at a local affiliated college or university. And if I want to send my kids for a short stint overseas … it will probably cost a hundred thousand more. That person said to me … “This is a must for a good tertiary education to open doors for better careers for your kids in the future”.

 WHAT??? If that is the case, my kids are doomed … why? I just don’t have a million dollars for both of them … so, without that kind of money for a good higher education, are they going to end up in the lower end of the society? If that is the case, so will a lot of other kids whose parents too cannot afford to fork out half a million dollars for a degree. Seriously, I want to ask … how many parents out there have this kind of money?

No, you don’t have to spend half a million for each of your kid’s tertiary education … doesn’t mean you don’t get a good tertiary education if you don’t have so much money. I agree that the cost of education is high but there are many choices … depending on what you can afford based on what you think your kids can achieve. There are many good education institutions out there offering good programs that cost a lot less … only that these institutions are not those so called “well known” education organizations. But make no mistakes … though these institutions are not the “big names”, they by no means offered any less in terms of professionalism and quality of the programs they provided.

Many parents, due to financial constraints or other reasons simply cannot allow higher academic education for their children … so, the next best thing is vocational training courses. There is nothing wrong with that … and the cost is definitely very much affordable. This doesn’t mean that their kids are going to grow up a lesser person.

Now, if you have the money, get the best for your kids … send them to the best international colleges or universities in UK. Canada, Australia or USA (I would if I have the money). Definitely it will give them a much better exposure and strong platform to obtain their tertiary education. Really, I am happy for your kids … they are so lucky to have parents like you.

YES, I agree that studying professional fields like medicine, dentistry or law (and maybe some that I have not heard of yet) will cost an arm and a leg. YES, many want their children to be doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists and the likes. But what about those who simply don’t have the big money to spend on their children’s higher education … their children probably end up being a baker, a tailor, a cook or a mechanic … so, are they going to be any less respected? I DON’T THINK SO!


Anonymous said...

u r rite shiek. who knows these vocational skills like tailor n mechanic will b a high paying jobs instead in d future bcoz d no is dwindling. so, demand over supply in future.

i always admire n respect those who do not study high but r successful in career or business. i always believe attitude over aptitude tat counts like zig ziglar said.


Stone Shiek said...

Thanks HL for your comments :)