September 20, 2010

What I believe

Last year when I wrote “Do you believe in ghost?”, someone asked me “Do you believe in God?”. That time, I did not response as I thought it was a bit sensitive to talk about the subject. Lately when I wrote “Gwai Cheet”, again someone asked me if I believe there is God. So let me tell you what I believe.

Do I believe in God? Not really … why? I feel there is something and I sense there is something (a force maybe) but I have not seen it. Whatever I have not seen I don’t really want to believe it exist. So, I don’t have a name for it. I don’t even know how it looks like … maybe one day if and when I see it, I will tell what it is called … that is, if I am still kicking. What others believe in, I have nothing to say about it. To them, God is the name … some others may have different names depending on what their beliefs are.

You can say I am not a religious person. On a few occasions when I tell people I don’t have any religion, they immediately see a red mean evil creature with a tail and two horns sticking out of my head, holding a long nasty trident standing in front of them. Look I don’t have a religion but please don’t look at me like I am a devil. Actually an evil person looks exactly like any other person around us … didn’t you read about people being murdered, burnt and dumped into rivers recently. The people who did this, they are the evil ones … do they look like devils to you?

When I say I don’t have a religion, it doesn’t mean I am anti-religion … as a matter of fact, I learn from all religions. I believe the teachings from all religions are good and I apply any teaching that I believe is good for me ... doesn’t matter which religion it is from.

I don’t believe in fate … to me, fate is for people who don’t want to make decision … so, they leave it to fate .. as they always say "It's fated".  Put it this way, I believe in what I decide and whatever I do will set the course of my life. Whether it is good or bad … I am responsible for my life not fate.

Once someone told me that I will go to hell … he said that if I don’t believe in fate and don’t belong to any religion, I have no heaven to go to, so hell is the only place. No worries and I am not losing sleep over it. I don’t know where the hell is hell but if the decisions I make and what I do is going to take me to hell, then let it be. Hey, when people say “It’s a hell of a place” … that sounds pretty exciting to me. I am looking forward to it already.


Anonymous said...

hell or heaven exists on earth. it depends on how v c n define.. murder, hatred, greed r hell, where else love, care, peace n happiness r heaven :)


Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi HL ... you have a point, wherever or whatever is hell and heaven, it depends on how you see it.