September 06, 2010

I am not amazed by how much people make …

How much can one person make? Millions, billions … trillions maybe … the sky is the limit. I read a lot about the rich and famous and I personally know quite a few. I salute them … they are all very capable people.

You know what? I am not amazed by how much people make … but I am surprised how little I really need. Having said that, it doesn’t mean everyone is like me. How much one needs is not for me to decide. Some are happy with the basics, some are contended with a little comfort while others must have luxury. I am only expressing my views and you don’t have to agree with me.

Look, I am not saying you should go hide in jungle and live like Tarzan. YES, be realistic … every family, big or small, needs money … for healthcare, for children’s education, for security and maybe other emergencies. My point is, when you think you have enough already, maybe you don’t need to keep chasing … maybe like me, you too will be surprised how little you really need.

I seek simple things in life now and they don’t really cost a lot. I don’t spend on expensive clothes, I don’t drive an expensive car and I don’t really go to expensive places. I can’t afford expensive stuffs to show off to people so that I “look good” ... I don’t need to anyway. Someone said this to me not so long ago “Shiek, you look old already, your hair is turning grey … you look so haggard lah". I don’t deny it at all … hey, I AM getting older and grey hair comes with age naturally. Some people don’t even get to live to see their grey hair. I am ok with whatever that is comfortable on me.

Really, how people see me from the outside is really not that important … whatever I do now is not to “look good” from the outside. What is important to me is how I feel inside. I feel healthy, I feel good, I feel happy … I feel GREAT! And to do that … I am surprised how little I really need.


Anonymous said...

hi shiek,

i totally agree wt u tat simplicity is enough in life.

i m like u, i dun wear expensive clothes or eat expensive food. i like simple things, in fact some cheaper things last longer than branded goods.

to me, d most improtant thing in life is Health. everyday before i sleep, i pray to God for the blessings in Health, Peace n Happiness.

feeling good inside out is more important than looking good outside in.



Anonymous said...

hi Shiek,
Agree wt you long as we stay healthy, happy and peace!

still remember me, i'm SHERYNE! haha...

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi Sheryne ... I am not sure if I remember but please remind me.

Are you the one from ABC Ideal Partners?