March 09, 2010

Tail or tale?

Let me tell you a tail … oops ... I mean a tale of happiness. This is how it goes … a young puppy asked his mother "Where is happiness?"  The mother replied "It's on your tail." So the young puppy keeps on chasing after his tail, going round and round. But after a whole day of trying, he failed to get the happiness that was on his tail. Then he told his mother about it and his mother smiled and said "Son, you don't really need to chase after your happiness, as long as you keep going with whatever you have, your happiness will always be with you."

I am sure you see the wisdom of the above tale … you don’t have to chase for happiness, keep moving with whatever you have, live within whatever you can afford and happiness will always be following right behind you. Don’t be blinded by chasing for materialistic possessions. When you see a relative buys a big house, doesn’t mean you have to own a big house too. When a colleague uses the latest IPhone, doesn’t mean that you have to get one to match. When your neighbour buys a new car, doesn’t mean you have to drive a better one to show.

Hey, I am not saying that you have to live like a pauper … if you can afford it, by all means go get it. You have struggled to build a successful life, so you should enjoy the fruits of your success. The wisdom here is, don't keep on chasing. Somewhere, somehow, you must know when to stop. Are you getting something that you really need? Or you are always chasing just to show that you have bigger, better and more possessions than others?

If you keep chasing, it just goes round and round … it will never end. There are no free things in this world. Whatever you are chasing after there is always a price to pay. And when you realise that it has started to affect your health, your loved ones, your family and friends, it is already too late. And worse, many keep chasing without realising that it has already turned into greed … and with greed comes a host of troubles.

One must know, when enough is really enough. So, how much is enough? You decide. You can keep chasing the tail, on and on, round and round … or you embrace the wisdom of the tale above. So, it is up to you … tail or tale?