March 19, 2010

Panjang no more ...

Regular trekkers at Gunung Angsi will definitely know the Panjang's Kopitiam rest point along the Bukit Putus – Gunung Angsi trail. This place was built by a very good man for the benefit of all trekkers at Gunung Angsi. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet this person. At this rest point you can help yourself with the food stuffs available and of course also pay whatever you think is appropriate so that the money can be used to replenish the food stuffs for the benefit of all trekkers at Gunung Angsi. Sunday trekkers will remember the “tong sui” (sweet desert) offered at Panjang’s Kopitiam.

Panjang's Kopitiam as it used to be

Trekkers can help themselves to food stuffs available here and put in their contributions accordingly

But Panjang's Kopitiam is no longer available. The last time we trekked up to Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus, we were disappointed to see that someone dismantled and burned down the place. What is left is a pile of burnt rubbish. What a dissappointment ! I was told by some local trekkers that the forest rangers are responsible for this. I don’t know why the rangers did that. Yes, I must say that the rest point is built without permission from the forestry department but hey, I am sure the local rangers can show a bit of compassion and consideration that this place was built for the good and benefit of trekkers at Gunung Angsi. I think all trekkers at Gunung Angsi will agree with me.

What is left of the place now

Anyway, whatever that is done cannot be undone. I want to thank the good man for all that he has done for the trekkers at Gunung Angsi. Whoever and wherever he is now, I am sure we all will remember his good intentions, contributions and of course the unique Panjang’s Kopitiam.


Henry said...

You will be glad to know that Panjang's Kopitiam has been rebuilt and refurbished!
There is even talk of pulling a pipe from the underground stream directly to the site for drinking and washing up ... ... ...

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi Henry

Yes, we knew that the place has been rebuilt. We have been trekking Gunung Angsi quite regularly and am very glad to see that Panjang's rest point is up better than before.

Many many thanks to all who rebuilt this place.