December 01, 2009

It takes more than good looks to look good

Many years ago, when I was studying Advertising in college, I helped a good friend start a modelling and grooming agency. He asked me to suggest a tagline for his agency that emphasize the services he offered. The agency's business is all about making people look good. So, I cracked my head for a few days and came up with the line …“It takes more than good looks to look good”. I was quite pleased with this line and thought I will probably go on to become a great copywriter. Well, it didn’t happen. Anyway, I am sure I was not the first one who thought of this line.

So, “good look” and “look good” … these two phrases, simple as they are but unfortunately many people are mistaken. Some people are naturally blessed with good look but they don’t automatically look good. Then there are others who tend to “accessorise” themselves and think it will make them look good. Very often we hear them say: “I will look good in this” or “That will makes me look good”. And usually they spend a lot of money on things they think will make them look good.

Let me say this, whether they have an expensive makeover, dress in designers’ clothes, wear a Rolex or drive a Mercedes, maybe it will just give them the good look. To look good, it takes more, a lot more beyond the expensive accessories.

I used to attend many so called “glamour” events and have personally organised quite a number of them during my years in the corporate world. Many local celebrities, popular personalities and well to do socialites were always invited for public relations purposes. In almost every event, you will find a few, who, as good as they look in the glittering designers’ clothes and expensive accessories, the way they behave were utterly disappointing. I am not going to talk about how these people behaved but what I can say is that they personify the words “It takes more than good look to look good”.

So, if you asked me what is “good look” and what is “look good”, I will put it this way … “good look” is what you see and “look good” is what other people see.


Anonymous said...

hi shiek,

i always believe it is the inner beauty, how v behave n care for ppl n d moral values v hold in life tat win the heart of d society.

hv a nice weekend! cheers..