September 07, 2008

You don't have to run faster than the tiger

The school holidays have just passed and I am sure many of us wore our "good father" hat and spent time with our kids during the short break. I was having a chat with a family friend and he told me he took his kid to the Zoo. I was thinking of doing exactly that too but somehow I don't know why the idea of visiting the Zoo just did not turn out to be that attractive when the actual day came.

Anyway back to my friend's story about visiting the zoo with his 10 years old son. Like any good father will do, he took his son to see the tiger among other animals. If you go to the zoo, one of the "have to see" animal is of course the tiger. My friend was pleased to see the excited kid admiring the handsome beast and soon an interesting conversation started between the father and son.

Son : "Daddy, do we have tigers in our jungles ?"

Father : "Of course son, there are wild tigers in our jungles. You know son, tigers are very dangerous animal"

Son : " The tigers can run very very fast ?"

Father : "Yes, they can ... so if we were in a jungle and there is a tiger, we must run away very fast"

Son : "How fast ?"

Father : "Faster than the tiger"

Son : "But I don't have to run faster than the tiger"

Father : "Then the tiger will catch you"

Son : "NO ! ... I just run faster than you then the tiger will catch YOU"

Father : "Arrrrr ??"

Kids, you don't know what is on their mind ... smart fellows aren't they? This reminds me of the old TV show "Kids Say The Darndest Things". So, listen to your kids, we do learn something from them every now and then.