August 28, 2017

You want to live a long life?

As people approach their retirement years ... many will wonder how old do they think they will live to be. And the obvious answer is ... as old as possible.

Then the question is ... what can they do?

Many will suddenly became super fitbies ... they run marathons, they trek mountains, they cycle long distances and they work out endlessly in the gym. They do it diligently because they want to get fit and getting fit means getting healthy and getting healthy means living longer. And yes, scientifically it is accepted that a fit person will live longer.

Then there are some who are diehard fans of health recipes, supplements and therapies  ... they will scour the internet for formulas, remedies and methods to cleanse the body to become healthier so they can live longer. Believe it or not ... someone once told me that if I consume a glass of a certain mixture of leaves, roots and oil for a month ... it will extend my lifespan for a year!!!

Though it is not scientifically proven ... people like to think that strange recipes and remedies will cleanse their body and help them live longer.

There are many ways that people will try so that they will be able to live longer ... some will pay for expensive medications and supplements to help them stay young ... they believe “anti-aging” works as advertised and some even claim to be able to “reverse” aging.  Others seek divine intervention and a few stepped into the realm of strange concoctions and magic potions ... all because people want to live longer.

Really, how long do you want to live?

Look ... all of us must have seen videos and heard stories of old people who are still very active ... a 75 years old man in great body shape modeling for commercials, a 95 years old man who can still run and do long jumps and an 85 years old lady dancing stylishly in a dance competition. There are also videos of a 90 years old lady gracefully performing “tai chi” like a pro and a 105 years old granny alertly playing mahjong in China ... and of course our very own 92 years old ex-prime minister who is still sarcastically vocal in political arena.

The immediate thought is that these people are living a long life. Yes, they are very old people but think again ... if you really understand and see the way they live and the things that they are doing ... they are not trying to live longer but instead they are making their lives more meaningful. You see, they are not living a long life ... they are living a good life.

So what you are doing now ... are you doing it because you love doing it or are you are doing it because you think it will make you live longer? Are you running marathons because you have a passion for running? Are you trekking because you love the nature? Do you “live to eat” or you “eat to live”?

Really, ask yourself ... you want to live a long life or you want to live a good life.