February 27, 2017

It doesn't take a lot

I am writing this from the hospital bed … have been here for 2 days already ... admitted for severe throat and stomach infection. At this moment, only with pain killers stopping the misery, I am able to write. Not sure how long I will have to be admitted ... the good doctors are still running some tests … I hope I it won’t be long as I have a trip to China with my best buddies very soon.

Funny … I thought I was healthy and I felt like I was at the top of the world just a few days ago … that is, before some nasty little bugs decided to come mess me up.

Whether you are a regular body builder or a season marathon runner or an avid mountain trekker … you think you are strong and healthy but the unfortunate fact is … one tiny bacteria, a nasty virus, a small insect or a slight misstep can mercilessly bring you to your knees.

I am probably one of the lucky ones … it is not life threatening but is causing a lot of pain and misery. The good doctors are confident that a strong course of antibiotics will solve my problems. Let’s hope soon.

But some people are not so fortunate … I was told that a patient in the next ward was fighting for her life due to pneumonia brought upon by a nasty bacteria.

I have seen a healthy strong man slipped and fell a just couple of steps but unfortunately the damage was semi-paralysis.

Someone I know who used to lead a very active and healthy life but was brutally destroyed by malignant tumor growing quietly until it shows its deadly form.

And not so long ago … a very experienced trekker was killed by some hornets while going into the jungle for nature photography.

As healthy as we think we are … running marathons, conquering high mountains or trekking tough jungles … really our body can be very fragile and delicate when exposed to certain elements.

So, it doesn’t take a lot to bring one down … in fact, a lot lesser than we think. When we read or hear about unfortunate illnesses, accidents and mishaps … many of us tend to think it won’t happen to us or our family … we hate the idea that it can befall upon us because every time we see or read these … it only happened to others.

Very conveniently we ignore it or we refuse to accept it and take things for granted. Maybe you say ... “don’t worry, I am healthy” ... “I still have years ahead” ... “why worry, still got time” ... believing that you can still go for more. Maybe you already have than enough ... if you think you don’t have enough, many are more than happy to settle for half of what you have.

Like I always say ... I live an easy, simple and healthy life and it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. But then again ... it doesn’t take a lot to mess up my life either.

Remember, no matter how healthy you think you are or think that you still have much time ... don't fool yourself, it is not guaranteed, things can change in a snap ... go spend more time with your loved ones, your friends and maybe some time for yourself too.


flintbatu said...

Hope you will get well soon! Live a simple and fruitful life. Thank you for the wonderful insight and I really appreciate the words of advise and wisdom from your writing.