June 27, 2016

I am not a likeable person

A lot of people don’t like me. Yes, no joke. I tell you why … I am not a likeable person.

Why is that so?

OK, let me explain. You see half of the people who know me don’t like me simply because I don’t believe in what they believed in. Yes, it is true ... the minute I tell them I am not a religious person, somehow I suddenly morphed into a reddish being with sharp ears and two horns holding a menacing trident.

I am not a religious person but I am not anti-religion. Too bad many people don’t see it this way. The way they see it … as long as you don’t belong to any religion, you are not going to be liked. More so if you are not in the same faith as they are.

So there you go … half of the people I know don’t like me already.

Then there are those who don’t like me for being direct … they say I am rude. There is a huge difference between being direct and being rude. If you are wrong, I tell you in your face that you are wrong … that is direct, not rude. I don’t tell others … why? Because it is YOU that need to change, not others. Unfortunately, some people cannot accept that.

And that makes another quarter of people who don’t like me. Not much left right? Wait, there is a few more.

From what is left, there are some who said I talked too much and they don’t like people who talked too much. Yes, I am a very vocal person … I don’t hide my opinions. The real reason why these people don’t like me is not because I talked too much, it is because what I said is different from what they wanted to hear. Sad but true … you don’t get ‘likes’ for honest opinions.

So you do the math and add up everything … you will see most people I know don’t like me. Now, what about the remaining few?

And here comes the gist of the story … like all my stories, I will take you go one big round before I come to the few lines to stress my point.

You may ask … “So, how about the few left … they like you?”

Well, these few are my close friends.  Do they like me? Errrrr … I don’t know. Put it this way, they did not say they like me … but, (here is my point) we get along very well because we are open to each other’s thoughts, opinions and frankness … because we can understand each other’s feelings, sensitivities and sentiments  … and also because we hold a certain tolerance level of each other’s beliefs, faith and devotions.