March 24, 2016

I don’t need to be blessed

(Note: The following article is strictly my point of view and may stir the comfort of some people with certain beliefs … so, please read with an open mind.)

It‘s the time of the year for burning money again … oops sorry, I mean burning fake money (or hell notes, as they called it). But then again, people are using real money to buy fake money and burn it … so, really, they are actually burning money!

You've guessed it …  it is going to be “Qingming” soon, the Tomb Sweeping Day or some called it the family AGM … where the Chinese will go to the graves of their loved ones to make offerings. They will burn lots of paper stuffs … houses, cars, designer bags, watches, shoes, clothes ... you name it, they have it … most important of all, stacks of “money” ... the netherworld currency in the billions.

And why people want to do that?

Many will tell you that it is about tradition, it is about filial piety, it is about remembering the dead and it is about respecting our ancestors.

Well, that’s part of it … what many will conveniently forget to tell you is that it is also time to ask for something in return … believing that their loved ones in the netherworld can bless them with fortunes, wealth, good health, longevity, prosperity, opportunities, education success and last but not least, a set of numbers to win the big jackpot at KTM (Kuda Toto Magnum).

The way I see it … if it is about tradition then it is quite an outdated belief of burning stuffs for the dead. If it is about filial piety … what filial piety is there to show to the dead? If you want to show that you are filial … show it to your parents when they are alive! If it is about remembering the dead … that is all in your mind and in your heart … not in the stuffs you burn. And if it is about respecting the ancestors … then do better than what they expected you to be … that’s all you need.

All the “hoos hahs” about waking up early, got stuck in the long traffic jams, getting the various types of offerings, cleaning and clearing the graves and spending real money to buy fake money to be burnt … really, it is about I scratch your back and you scratch mine.

Look, when someone goes to the grave … let him or her have peace. Isn’t that why people say R.I.P. when someone passed away? So, try not to go to the grave every year and ask for this and ask for that ...  hoping to get more than what you already have. Strange but true … those who already have abundance, those who can afford a better life, those who make huge offerings are always the ones who are asking for more … they scratch hard asking for a harder scratch in return.

Put it this way, I am sure your late father or mother would have done enough for you while they were alive … you still have a list of things for them to do for you while in their graves?

I have visited my ancestors’ graves and every now and then I go to the temple where my late father’s ashes are kept  … I remember one time at the temple a relative said to me … “why don’t you make some offerings and say something to your father … maybe ask him to “” (bless)  you.

I did not say anything really but if there was anything I want to say to my late father, I would have told him … “Don’t worry about me, I am doing absolutely OK and I can take care of myself and my family. I am in good health and staying out of trouble. There is enough to spend on things I need … so I am financially stable. Dad, I have done what you have expected me to do and I am sure you are proud. And no need to worry about your grand children too … there are doing OK. Though they will have to struggle a bit to pass their exams but no worries, they will get through by themselves ...  no help needed. They will have to learn to take care of themselves and make a living by themselves through hard work and perseverance.  And one more thing … don't take the trouble to come into my dreams and give me numbers to bet at KTM … if I want to place a bet, there is always the “lucky pick”.

Really Dad … go enjoy yourself, have fun be happy … go reincarnate (if you have not already done so) … don’t worry about me … I don’t need to be blessed.