May 20, 2015

Going out is good but coming home is better

People have goals, targets and objectives … they set out to get their goals, they work hard to make sure that they achieve what they set out to do. Some made it fast, some took a longer time ... others who failed will keep trying.

For those who achieved their goals … they get to show their achievements and enjoy the success. They have reached where they wanted to be, what they have struggled so hard for … they will get the financial rewards for their success and they will get due recognitions.

Many believe that with success, recognition and financial rewards, they will become a better person.

Errrr … I will debate that.

You see, many people are not aware that in the process of getting to where they want to be, they changed … slowly and maybe unknowingly … due to the long exposure in the unforgiving competitive environment, the never ending aggressive rat race they are running in and the nasty dog-eat-dog business they faced every day. Some lost their good ethics and became rude, callous, brutal, nasty, mean and vindictive. Others lost their true values … they mastered betrayal, infidelity, treachery, deceit and dishonesty.

They don’t realize it … it is the people close to them that will see and feel the changes. More often than not, it is their loved ones who will have to tolerate or maybe even suffer due to this.

So, when you have achieved success, recognition and financial rewards, ask yourself … are you a better person? Maybe you have become a better provider but what I really mean is … are you a better son or daughter to your parents? Are you a better husband or wife to your spouse? Are you a better father or mother to your children?

And do you still have the same good ethics? Do you still hold the same true values?

Yes, by all means go out in search of your goals but it is important to remember that by the end of the day, it is not what you get … it is what you have become. That is my point.

Look, going out is good but coming home is better. Sadly, too many people go out in search of success, recognitions and financial rewards but forget to return to where they were. They forget to come home to where they are needed most, to where they are most appreciated and to where they can really be themselves.

It may sound strange but really, the fact is … we leave home to look for things we want, only to find them when we come home.