March 27, 2015

I can’t do what I love … so, I love what I do

I want to do what I love. But the problem is ... to do what I love, most of the times it is very costly, sometimes it is too difficult and at times, people think I am a bit bizarre … so, I won’t be able to really do what I love.

Well, if I can’t do what I love … maybe, I can love what I do.  Huh??? Errrrrr ... what’s the difference ah?

I put it this way … say you want to travel and see the whole world, then “see the whole world” is what you love. If you “do what you love” … that means, you go “see the whole world”. But then what is “love what you do”? In this case, it is travel … you love travel, not necessary to go “see the whole world” but just travel to anywhere you are able to.

Got it?

OK, back to my story … as I said earlier, I want to do what I love but I can’t. Here is a costly example … like many, I want to travel to see the whole world too but it is very costly … I just cannot afford it. So, to do what I love will not happen but I can still love what I do … I can still travel, maybe on budgeted travels as and when I have a bit extra to spare.

I love the beautiful Himalayas … I want to trek the snow capped mountains that I love but I can’t … it is next to impossible for people of my physical standing. So I can’t trek at where I would love to but I still love what I do … trekking the various mountains and jungles where I can experience the nature and bask in the charm of the natural world.

I am not an artist … but that was what I love (to be). So I did not make it as an artist but I like artistic and creative works. That's why I create various arts and crafts ... from recycled wood and other materials. Though I am unable to create great masterpieces but I love what I do … I love the idea of creating new things through recycling and helping to keep the environment clean.

Here is a crazy one … I love aliens. YES! REALLY! You know, the little grey beings with cone heads and bulgy eyes … I love them and I believe they exist. One of the things in my bizarre list of “do what you love” is to go shake the hands of an alien. Now that is quite far-fetched and I don’t think an alien can be found … at least not anytime now.

So I can’t do what I love (shake hands with an alien) but I love what I am doing about aliens … I read a lot about them, I watch documentaries and I am always looking for new clues, facts and findings by the various experts in the world in search of aliens. Eh … who knows, maybe one day the scientists and expert aliens hunters will find a few … alive and well too. THEN, I can do the one bizarre thing I love … go shake hands with the little grey fellow.