March 31, 2014

Just STFU !!!

Recently I voiced my dissatisfaction, disappointment and displeasure on some of the sarcastic comments and insults I read on the various social media about the recent unfortunate incident involving our national airline.

Yes, many are not happy on how the relevant authority is handling the unfortunate incident ... in some instances, there were some “kelam kabut” (confusion) in handling of certain issues. Hey look, the people handling this situation is facing something they have not seen before, really they have no experience in the crisis management of an incident of this magnitude. It is not like every other year or so that they crash a plane so they should have plenty of experience in plane crash crisis ... this is an unprecedented aviation event for them.

When something like this happened, there are bound to be confusion, anger, frustration, annoyance and disappointment ... especially for those who are directly affected by the incident. Of course these people will take frustration to the various social media ... it is understandable.

But what I cannot tolerate are those Toms, Dicks and Harrys  ... who think they are smarter than everybody by just reading whatever thrown at them from their TVs and computers and start to wag their acerbic tongues spewing sarcastic remarks, inconsiderate insults and abuses on the various issues of the incident.

Everyone wants to have a say in this mysterious incident ... it is a huge unprecedented (and rather strange) aviation incident and the whole world is watching it closely. Of course everyone have the right to offer their opinions ... that is OK. But what is not OK for me is when people start insulting our national airline, our nation and even the innocent Malaysians are not spared the insults, sarcasms and abuses ... this I cannot tolerate.

OK if you want to mock the guys with the coconuts, bamboo binoculars and their so called 'magic' carpet ... that I don’t care. But hey, anyone with a sound mind would not be bothered by these jokers really.

But don’t blame Malaysian Airline ... you think they want a plane to crash? The last thing they want is a crisis like this. Don’t blame Malaysia ... the country is not responsible for this incident. Don’t blame the innocent Malaysians ... we have absolutely nothing to do with it ... on the contrary, we are saddened by this incident too.

Don’t politicize the incident ... this has nothing to do with politics. Don’t point the finger too soon ... for now no one knows what actually happened. Don’t try be an expert if you don’t actually know anything ... if you do know something, please give your suggestions directly to the relevant authority handling the incident. Don’t guess what happened ... let the real experts figure it out what is most likely to be the real cause.

So, to those who are quick to wag their acerbic tongues ... please look at the gravity of the situation ... there are already a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, mix-ups and uncertainties. If you cannot offer any REAL assistance, if you cannot offer any good words ... you can help if you could just STFU !!!