November 27, 2013

Do I want to run a marathon?

Hey Shiek, you want to run a marathon? ... my friend asked me. Wow! Me? Marathon? 42.195km? Errrr ... I don't know if I can do that. How about a Half-Marathon? Emmmm ... maybe, with several months of solid torturous training, I can ... but I don't think I will do that.

Then some asked me to trek the Himalayas ... the ABC and EBC circuits in Nepal ... take up the challenge, so they say. There are many in my age group or even a lot older, who trained very hard and took the challenge ... they successfully completed the ABC or EBC or both the circuits and have proven to themselves and to others that they can still do it. I am glad for them but I am NOT them.

I like to ask ... whatever you are doing, are you doing it because you really enjoy doing it or are you doing it just because others are doing it and you want to prove that you can also do it?

OK, like I always say ... don’t get me wrong, I am not against people going for tough sports or other challenges ... I am sure many are doing it simply because they really enjoy doing it ... they have found true passion in whatever they do. I wish them great success and would be very glad if they can share the photos of their adventures with me.

Really, at this point of my life ... it is not about proving that I can still take up tough sports or other challenges. I have nothing to prove and I don’t need to show anything. I just have a life to live ... an active, comfortable, safe, healthy, happy and simple life to live.

Believe me, there was a time where I was doing things just to prove to myself and others that I can do it. I thought I could change the world and bask in the glories ... then I realized it is a lot easier to change myself because I found out that every glory will have to be paid in full with equal amount of misery.

So now, I am all for simple things ... no hassles, straight forward and easy stuffs. I jog a bit, cycle around my neighborhood and play some racket games. If I want to trek a jungle trail ... I look for a safe trail to provide a few hours of good exercise in the midst of the wonderful nature with a bunch of good friends ... I like that a lot.

I am not those hardcore mountaineers ... if I want to hike up a mountain, I will go for hikes that will not strain my knees, burst my lungs, or break my back ... I don’t mind a few leech bites, thorns or scratches and stings from insects in exchange for a good day of cool mountain breeze, the happy bird chirpings, the nice surrounding views and the fresh clean air ... this is good enough for my weekends. On weekdays, I like to cook, do a bit of carpentry and lately trying to be creative with recycled wood. The important thing is, I really enjoy what I am doing.

So, do I want to run a marathon or challenge the Himalayas? NO ... I don't think so.

I have said this before and I like to say it again ... sometimes people want to show and prove to others so that they can walk proudly as if they rule the world. But really, maybe they don’t have to show anything or to prove anything but still they can walk proudly too ... if they don’t care who rules the world.