June 28, 2013

I do what I like and I like what I do

Many people asked me what I have been doing since I quitted my full time job a few years ago ... I told them I have not been doing a lot ... just taking it slow and easy. Most people understand my simple way of life. But then there are a few who think differently ... they think I should do something more prolific with my life.

I don’t know how prolific they want me to be ... maybe I should go backpacking around world, be a volunteer in an international aid organization, join a green movement to save the world or go build homes for the unfortunates in third world countries. You know what? Someone actually suggested that I should write a book.

People asked me ... “Don’t you want to do something before you die?”

Well, I understand the good intention in the question but really, it has never occurred to me that I have to do something worthy or significant before I die. No, I don’t have big dreams. I have never wanted to travel and see wonders of the world, don't have any intentions to volunteer in any aid organization and have not done anything noteworthy in my life that I can write about.

I don’t have big aspirations ... just small and very simple dreams. As a young school boy, when the teacher asked me what is my ambition ... I did not say I want to be a doctor or a pilot or an engineer (that was what most of my classmates said) ... I just wanted to get out of school as soon as possible, find a job, buy a house, find someone I love, get married, have children and live an easy simple life. And that is exactly what I did ... over the years, bit by bit, piece by piece ... I have put them all together ... my simple dreams fulfilled.

I don’t know how many years I have left in my life and I don’t have big plans for it ... I am happy with whatever that comes along. If the weather is good, I go out to enjoy the nature and if it is a rainy day, I will hit the couch with a book, watch an old movie I downloaded or practice a new song with my erhu. When there are cheap flight tickets offered, I will go on a budgeted holiday wherever it may be. Whenever I find a good recipe, I will try it out with my family and friends.

Now, do I want to do something do before I die? YES of course ... I do what I like (even if it is not something worthy) ... that is the freedom I wanted. And I like what I do (even if it is not something significant) ... that is the happiness I enjoyed.