May 27, 2013

My kids, they are rich ...

A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me to enroll my kids into a 2-day seminar during the mid-year school holidays ... it was a course designed to teach children (in their early teens) about making and managing money. Later, the guy who sent me the email called me and asked if I want to enroll my kids into the course.

He told me that the course will enable my kids to learn how to earn extra money to buy things they want rather than save money from their allowance to do it. I thought to myself ... where have I heard this before? Sounds like something from (Robert Kiyosaki’s) Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I am sure parents like me do share a few concerns about how our kids will fare when they go out and face the world, trying to make it on their own. Will they be able to make a decent living, find financial security and have a comfortable life ... right?

So, do we start teaching our children to make money in their early teens ... is that the way? NO, I don’t think so but hey, I am not an expert in this. So don’t listen to me.

I am sure you can find many expert opinions on when and how to teach your kids about money ... whether it is making extra money, saving or managing their allowance ... there are always books, seminars and courses available. Maybe along the way you can find some good ideas on teaching the kids how to get rich too. Well, if that is what you want your kids to learn, so be it.

For me, I tell my kids they don’t need so many things ... they learn not to make money to buy more things but to live with what they already have. They may not have a lot but they have enough of what they need to get them through at their age.

Anyway, I told the guy I am not interested in the course, really I can’t afford it ... he then made a last effort to convince me. He said ... ”You know, your kids will be learning how to get rich!”

Now, do I want my kids to learn how to get rich? Really, they don’t need to learn how to get rich. My kids, they are rich ... they have so many things that money cannot buy.