November 06, 2012

I will go to heaven ...

I believe in a lot of things … all sorts of things. Many people don’t agree with what I believe in … it is perfectly OK … I am not going to lose sleep if people don't share my beliefs.

Then again I don’t believe in a lot of things. I always tell people … please don’t be upset when I tell you that I don’t share your beliefs and I am not at all concerned about what your beliefs are.

I think we can all get along well based on who we are not what we believe in. I have a lot of friends, everyone with their own beliefs. I accept my friends for what they are, not for what they believe in even though I may think what some of my friends believed in is an outdated dogma. And on the same notion, these same friends may think that what I believe in (aliens) is a big joke and they too accept me for what I am.

But recently a couple of very stubborn people (one is my ex-college mate) got a bit disappointed when I refuse to acknowledge what they are trying advocate … they tried very hard to convince me to accept their views and beliefs.

My logic is quite simple … if you want me to believe in something, you have to answer some of my questions. But I was told that I don’t have to ask questions … just believe and I will have the answers. Errrrr … sorry, I just cannot accept that,

I believe in asking questions that need to be answered … not just be given answers that cannot be questioned at all. I believe that there is no certainty of anything so it needs proof of everything … I just cannot accept a belief that is certain of everything and don’t need proof of anything.

I choose to live my life free from religious indoctrination since I was in my early teens … I am very comfortable with it … please let it be.

So I told my stubborn ex-college mate (and his friend) this … I won’t bore them to tears with my theories of little gray beings with large protruding eyes, so please don’t come tell me those you will not go to heaven stories if I don’t accept their belief. Hey, I don’t believe there is a heaven (or hell), so it doesn’t apply to me. But they still insist that I am wrong and they say I will know when I die.

OK, OK ... even if I am wrong, when I die and found out that there is a heaven (so very likely I will be in hell, right?) but let me tell you this … I will go to heaven … ILLEGALLY!