October 10, 2012

A Tale of Two Seas

Not too long ago I wrote “Are you making a good living by what you get” … in the article I said if you are making a good living by what you get, don’t forget to make a good life by what you can give.

Then recently I read an article titled “A Tale of Two Seas” … it speaks of a natural phenomenon about the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. And you know what? This phenomenon emphasized exactly my point about making a good life by giving. Let me share it with you.

On the north of the Dead Sea is the Sea of Galilee and both seas receive water from the Jordan River. While they take in water from the same river in the same region, they are very different. The Sea of Galilee is glittering with rich and colorful marine life, plants and lots of fish but the Dead Sea has ten times more salt that any other ocean, so salty that no marine animals, vegetation and fish can live in it … it is ‘dead’ … hence the name.

Why? You see, water from the Jordan River flows into Sea of Galilee and then flows out ... meaning, the Sea of Galilee takes in water and gives it out … whereas, the Dead Sea (situated at a very low point and does not have any outlets) is just taking and collecting the water that is flowing in. Over time, more and more water keeps flowing in and then evaporates leaving tons of salt and other minerals in it, making it unable to sustain marine life.

I am sure you can see the point here … to make a good life, take and give … like the Sea of Galilee. If we are just taking in more and more without giving like the Dead Sea … at the end of the day, everything will just evaporates away.

Though it is just a geographical formation … the natural phenomenon of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee exemplified the saying “you make a good life by what you give”.