December 02, 2011

My kids just don't listen !

Parents out there, I am sure many (if not all) parents agree that your children (on most days) are good but can be difficult at times … stubborn, naughty, playful, hyperactive, quiet, talkative … all sorts. As parents we try our very best to bring them up in the best possible way we can … but sometimes we just don’t understand them. And how many times we have complained and said “My kids just don’t listen !”

I am not an expert … I don’t know of any “sure-win” formula or any tested method of raising good children. There are plenty of books out there that will tell you what to do and offer some good ideas to raise a good kid but I have yet to find one that offers how to teach the kids to listen. But then again, maybe you should not be too worried if they don’t listen. Why? 

Let me share something with you … I remember watching a promotional short story aired on national TV some years ago. The story was a about a couple with two children staying with an old man (grandfather of the kids). The scene shows the couple setting up for dinner while the kids were watching and they only set the table for 4 persons … another table was set up outside the house for the old man because he was disorderly due to his senility. Then the couple and the two children ate dinner at the dinner table while the old man ate his dinner alone outside.

The next scene shows the two children playing with toy tables and chairs while their parents were watching … and then the children playfully began to set up the toys tables and chairs for dinner. They set up a dinner table and then set up another table a distance away for two persons. And when their parents asked why another table was set up ... the kids simply replied it is for them (the parents) when they grow old. Now, I am sure you can see the strong emotional message here. Kids … whatever they see, they do.

Like all parents, I have the same problem. My kids don’t listen to me too but I am not too worried about that. The way I look at it … don’t worry too much if your kids are not listening to you, you should be more worried that they are watching you.


The trekker, agnes said...

like your last sentence, the twist that makes the whole passage meaningful TQ for sharing.

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Thanks Agnes for your comments ... that's the point I want to make.