May 27, 2011


I like the Mythbuster TV series and I really like watching Kari Byron ... she looks good working with power tools. The rest of the guys are great … but Kari is my favourite. I like this TV show because I am all for the idea of getting the facts right.

Now, why am I talking about Mythbuster here? Because I too like to do a bit of myth busting every now and then.  OK, here is one of the many myths in life ... have you heard people say “Do what you love to do and let the money catch up later”. Really? How many can actually say that they are doing what they love to do and only worry about money later? I have not met any yet. Though people may say they are good at what they do but that doesn’t mean that they love their jobs and that they don’t care about getting paid. Let’s be realistic … we work our asses off because we need the money not because we love what we do … many actually hate their jobs … even more just hate the idea of working. 

Whether you love to do it or not, first you got to stay alive. And to do that, you need food. You need to maintain your health and you have to afford the little comfort that you may require. Unless someone left you a fortune or you hit the jackpot ... you need to work for your money and ensures you have enough for the necessities to stay alive. How much is enough for you? I don’t know … some may need millions, others may need a lot less … but you got to have $$$. And only after that, you can do what you love to do ... but then again, whatever you love to do have to be within your means. So, I would rather say that maybe you do what you can afford to do ... that is more rational.

The myth says “Do what you love to do and let the money catch up later”… to me, by the time the money catches up, either you are already (starved to) dead or you have given up on what you are doing. Myth BUSTED!!!