January 25, 2011


Reunion … I guess more or less you know what I am talking about. Yes, Chinese New Year is just at the corner and I believe everyone celebrating Chinese New Year will be having reunion dinner with their families. Since the last few years, I have taken over the task of whipping out a grand meal for our reunion dinner. I am really looking forward it. Actually since last month my wife has been asking me what we should prepare for the dinner. I have a list worked out and I am sure my dinner guests will not be disappointed. But really it is not so much about what is on the table … it is about everyone getting together sharing, talking, joking, laughing and simply chatting the night away. It is about togetherness.

Every year it is not just my family’s reunion dinner that I look forward to … I also look forward to other reunions, gatherings and meetings (the social kind). One such activity is the annual gathering with my old schoolmates. Every year without fail we will gather together, talk, joke, share stories over a couple of beers. And then the night will carry on with a few games of poker. Over the years, some of us moved away, some migrated, some may have lost contact and some, for whatever reason, kept a distance. But for those who are still contactable, living in Malaysia or who comes back visiting, we made it a point to meet every year. We have been doing this since we left school in 1979 … 32 years and still going.

Then there are other get-together events with ex-colleagues, ex-college mates, fellow sport enthusiasts and club members. Most of these gatherings will be over lunch or dinner with the compulsory “lou sang” (prosperity themed fish salad) to celebrate success and prosperity for all.

I love attending these get-together events … it gives me a good feeling and more so during this festive period. Well, actually it doesn’t really matter whether it is a festive day or just another day of the year, whether it is with family members or friends, whether it is reunion, gathering or meetings … the important thing for me is the essence of togetherness … that is I what I really enjoyed.


Sharon said...

hi shiek, Gong Xi Fa Chai... much success and happiness wished for you and your loved ones! Wont be back this year to reunite with u Sri Pantailites but cheer on for us that are not there as we will be there in spirit. Xo sharon

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Thanks Sharon ... I am sure you be back again in the very near future and also looking forward to others who may want to come back for a visit too. Cheers !