April 27, 2010

Bypass to the far east section of Klang Gate Ridge

Many trekkers are familiar with Tabur East and West. These two trails are very much enjoyed by trekkers for the beautiful city views and the serene lake and mountains sceneries. There is a section of the Klang Gate Ridge (on the east, near the Zoo) that many can see from MRR2 but not many people have been to this far east section. There is an existing way going into this section from the Rapid bus depot (in Taman Melawati), crossing a new housing area and into a private orchard. My friends and I have been to this section several times.

There is also another way to this far east section of the ridge … sort of a bypass from Tabur East. Many have trekked Tabur East … ascending the trail from the small river (and the double water pipes), trek a steep slope upwards, walk along the top of the rocky formations, down and up a steep valley and finally reached the last ropes and climb up to the peak. On the peak, one can go the end and look across at the other section of the ridge on the far east. This far east section can be seen but cannot be reached due to the steep dangerous drop at the end. But there is a way to cross over from the base of the last ropes.

Sometime ago a few of us successfully trekked from the last ropes (instead of climbing up) going downwards, all the way to the next section. We made a bypass and trekked up the highest peak at the far east of the Klang Gate Ridge.

On 17 April 2010, we decided to trek to the far east section of Klang Gate Ridge from Tabur East again. This time we wanted to look for a new and safer bypass. We set out early and trekked from the river all the way to the last ropes. From there, we headed downwards and move along side of the wall of the ridge. We have to move further downwards as the trail is very dangerous near the wall of the ridge. The terrain here is quite thick in various places and we have to cut away a fair bit to trek through.

(Instead of going up the last ropes, we went down and left to look for a way)

(We trekked pass the ravine from below Tabur East's peak and crossed over to the other section)

(We trekked further east and downwards)

(Found a safe way up and trek upwards though a small valley to the top)

We trekked pass the base of the peak (Tabur East’s last peak) from below and went across the deep ravine between the peak and the next section of the ridge. There we continued to trek downwards until we found a safe way up again. We began to trek up through a small valley until we reached the far east section of the ridge. At this valley junction, one can turn left and treks towards the end of this section. From there, you can actually see and shout to those who are at the Tabur East peak but they cannot cross over to this end the section.

(We continue to move eastwards, trekking on the top of this section of the ridge)

We did not turn left (as we have been there before) so we turn right to continue to trek further east of this section of the ridge. The trail here is fairly easy and the rocks and vegetation are similar to those of Tabur East and West except this part of the ridge is still unexposed and unspoilt. We trekked on the top of this section moving eastwards through some rocky terrains, small valleys and through a small forest. A few areas were quite dangerous and we used ropes to safely trek down the steep drop.

(The slope here is quite slippery)

(Very dangerous rock valley. One have to be extra careful here)

(We have to use ropes to tackle this steep and dangerous area. Left the ropes there for those who may venture into this section in the future)

(The vegetation is similar to Tabur East and West, except here, it is pristine and unspoilt)

(The four of us very glad to have successfully trekked from Tabur East bypass to the far east section. From left : EM Shiek, ML Lim, GT Lim and CK Lim)  

This section of the ridge is absolutely wonderful, unspoilt and relatively unexplored but it is not for the inexperience. One have to be very careful … plenty of loose soils, sharp rocks and slippery slopes. Slowly we made our way through the ridge and we finally reached the junction going out to a private property (an orchard). Nearby we saw a nice “tree house’ built by the locals from the orchard. From this junction one can proceeds further east to reach the highest peak of the whole Klang Gate Ridge (the whole Klang Gate Ridge about 16km long). It will take at least another three hours to trek to the highest peak, that is, if one can find the way from here.

(The tree house built by the locals from the orchard)

(From the tree house, we trekked out to the private orhard ... into civilisation)

(The highest peak of the whole Klang Gate Ridge located at the far east section near the Zoo Negara)

We have been to the highest peak so we decided not to go this time as we were all tired and exhausted. Running out of water, we headed out to the private orchard. We were glad to see the two Indonesian caretakers of the orchard who knew us since the very first time when we came to trek up the highest peak. After a quick rest, we have to figure out a way from here to get back to where we parked our car (at the river) a few kilometres away. But lucky for us, our good Indonesian friend has a 4WD pickup truck. We only have to ask and he offered to take us to our car. It is good to have friends everywhere you trek. We were driven to our car and after that we went to a nearby waterfall to wash up. As usual, our trekking trips always end with good food and this time it was delicious nasi campur and chendol at a nearly stall in Taman Melawati. We were very happy to complete another great outing at Klang Gate knowing that we successfully made a bypass from Tabur East to the far east section of the ridge.


keong said...

Hi Shiek..

My fren and I were talking about this Far East Hill, that it is possible to summit this peak. Finally, I found your blog.

Just want to clarify. To get to the far east start point. We can either:
(1) Trek the usual Tabur East trail until the last rope to climb up the Tabur East peak. Instead of climbing up, ones should go downward?
(2) Trek from the small river (near the double water pipes)to the last rope to climb up Tabur East peak and follow the downward trail again
(3) From the Rapid Bus depot in T. Melawati

Do you know anyone has trekked this Tabur Far East recently? I'm afraid the trail is full of bushes now.

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi Keong

One can trek from the Tabur East trail up to the last rope and go downwards to cross over but that trail is not a proper trail ... we cut it out and have not been there for quite some time now. Moreover, it is quite tough and it takes a while to cross over to the far east.

So, to attempt the peak at far east section, the easiest way to go is via the Metro bus depot, cross the new housing development and go into the the private orchard. If the two indonesian caretakers are around, you can ask them about the trail ... I am sure many have been there since we trekked it over a year ago.

At beginning of the trail, one will go into small forest ... up a slope into a small clearing area. From there, turn right.

Whether the trail is still visible or not I am not sure. But I do believe there are people after us and they may have marked the trail all the way to the top.

Good luck ... trek safe :)