February 04, 2010

I did not donate ...

I did not donate to the recent Haiti Relief Fund. I also did not donate to the Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund not too long ago nor did I make any donations to the 2004 Tsunami Disaster Aid.

Why? Because I don’t wait for disasters to happen to make a donation. Someone asked me the other day “Hey Shiek, you want to make a donation for the coming Chinese New Year?” I said “No” because I also don’t have to wait for a special day to do it.

Every other week there is always someone appealing for donation … a child somewhere with leukaemia needed financial assistance or a student with a life threatening disease facing a huge medical bill or a hardcore poor family who lost their sole breadwinner due to an unfortunate accident. Aren’t all these people suffering the same as those disaster victims?

I donate when I see there is a need to. When I read in the newspapers that someone needed financial help for a bone marrow procedure or an infant who needed an operation to fix a diseased heart, I may send a cheque … not a lot, just a small amount that I can afford. Sometimes more, when I have a bit more to spare for that month.

And when I shop at hypermarkets, occasionally I would purchase an extra packet of rice that is on sale or another tin of discounted Milo and some cookies or biscuits that are specially offered through “purchase with purchase” deals. I will gather all these items and when it is time to pay a visit to an orphanage or an old folk’s home, I will bring them along.

During festive periods, I do receive a lot of hampers and other gift packs from friends and business associates. I don’t need so many of these gifts. One is good enough for my family and the rest I will send them to where they are needed most.

Yes, the disaster victims needed donations, funds and aids ... by all means, help them. So do many of the underprivileged orphans, special children, unfortunate old folks and the poverty-stricken families who also are depending on the same donations, funds and aids to help make their lives a little bit better. Help them too!

Donate as and when you see there is a need ... and it doesn’t necessary have to be monetary. There are many other ways of making donations and contributing to the help the unfortunates. Like me, I hope you don’t wait for a disaster to happen or a special day to do it.

You know what? I will also donate when there is no need. Huh? You see, should I leave this world unexpectedly I will have no need for my organs. I will donate them too. Will you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Shiek

I agree with you and I'm doing the same. The charity organisation will keep at least 40% for their own needs and administration at least in Europe. It's a shame!! I've been to the Tsunami sites in India and Thailand and I only see temporary developments. Nothing much done! What did they do with all the donations? Bravo I like the way you think! I'm going back for CNY. I'll be going to Hongkong and Koh Samui too. Time is quite limited but if I have the time I'll give you a call. Cannot promise you but will try my best. My hp no 012 484 26 00. I'll activate it when I'm home. Will arrive late in KL on 12th Feb. Greetings from cold Switzerland! Rosy

Anonymous said...

u r good hearted to donote to those in need. i totally agree tat donation n help can b in non monetary way, sometimes which is more meaningful than money. like d orphanage n handicapped children in tmn mayang, all they need is ur presence to make them smile. money can't buy happiness but a loving n caring heart will bring happiness.