May 05, 2009

You complain about your shoes ...

You know, I thought I was very poor when I was growing up. I used to tell people that I only have 10 cents for pocket money when I was in school. I told many people on how the 7 of us (5 siblings and my parents) stayed in a rented room until I was 12 years old. We can only afford chicken a few times a year during festive days and so on and so forth.

Well, if that was what I called poor, then I do not know how to describe the situation of the family in the video below (I am sure many have seen this video before).

This is a true situation that is actually happening now. It shows a really poor family living on the waste that we threw away every day. When I saw this, it makes me think how wonderful my life was while growing up. I had proper food on the table. I had school. I had good clothing. I had a lot more things compared to them.

I remember my ex-boss once said this to me: “You complain about your shoes, some people don’t even have legs”. Those exact words reflected clearly on my mind when I saw the video.

Let me tell you now, I won't complain about my shoes anymore.


The Baking Factory said...

Hi Shiek,I agreed with you. I like your article so much. I will keep this in mind, I will try not to complaint about 'my shoes' anymore. Actually is quite true, if i say i have a bad life, there are people who have the worst than me. So, i will try to think positively for every moment of my life. Yeah!