February 10, 2009

The three lives

During one of the recent CNY gatherings the subject of three lives (or “sam sai” in Cantonese) came up. Those who believe in reincarnation should be familiar with what people called three lives or “sam sai” which means your previous, present and future lives. I was told that there is a “sifu” (a medium) in Perak who is able to tell those who are interested who they were in their previous lives, what is in store for them in their present lives and what they will be in their next lives. Interesting isn’t it? Do you want to know your three lives?

First lets not go too far, let us just look at the present. You want to know how your children will treat you when you get old? First ask yourself how did you treat your parents. That will be exactly how your children is going to treat you. You want to know if you will die in peace. Ask yourself have you committed any sins that have caused people to suffer. If you have made people suffer, you will receive the same. Maybe not now but it will come.

Many people thinks that money can wash away all their sins. They are so wrong. There is a very popular story of a corrupted man who spent his ill gotten millions trying to cure a terminal disease that struck him. With all the money, he cannot fine a cure for the disease. Then he turned to charity, donated a lot of money to charity hoping for a miracle. That did not work either. He suffered during the last two years of his life and passed away a broken man. Many donated to charity hoping to redeem themselves. Well, that is not what charity is all about. Charity is not for you to exchange for a miracle or wash away your guilt.

And back to the subject of three lives … I don’t really believe this. But if it is true and there is reincarnation, you don't have to look for the "sifu" to tell you. I can also tell you about your three lives. I believe in “what goes around comes around”. So if you want to know what your previous life was, simple, just look at how your life is now. If your life now is absolutely miserable, then in your previous life you must have been a very bad person. Similarly if you want to know how your future life will be, that will depend on what you do now in your present life. If you do good now, you can expect a good life when you reincarnate. It is that simple.