March 13, 2023



What? Eh, excuse me, typo error? Auto correct? Are you on some hallucinating substance?

NOPE … you read it correctly … C. A. M. E. L.

What ? Really ? Halo ???

Ok, Ok ... wait ya … I will explain ... please bear with me for a while.

Look, people make statements about themselves or their achievements … some very motivated ones will say …”the sky is the limit”. Some daring ones will say … “fear nothing but fear itself” and those who like to challenge big things in their lives will say … “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”.

These are the very common statements (or quotes) we hear every day … they are words that people used to show their successes or express their achievements.

Some people might not have that kind of big successes … so maybe their statements are a lot more down to earth … a good example will be what my late father said … even though he died penniless but nevertheless he considered himself successful and said … “I don’t owe anyone anything”.

I turned 61 several days ago … from where I started and being what I am now … I can say I am successful in a humble and simple way … hence I said … “I am at my best in my simplest form”.

Some people may not express their themselves in actual words but maybe from their lifestyle you can see what they are trying to say … like a rich businessman driving a luxury Mercedes … he may be trying to tell people … “I have arrived”. A hotshot female lawyer in a sports convertible … very likely she wants to tell people … “what I drives says a lot about me”.

So, you can see where I getting to … about statements that people make.

Now, here is the gist of my story … recently a guy (I met from a social gathering) was talking about his new (very expensive) luxury car … from what he disclosed, the car is worth 5 times my son’s degree … plus some cash to spare … I think you can figure out how much the price is. And that is just one of his 6 cars as I was told.

Anyway … it is a statement he made that rubbed me a bit. While he was telling a few of us about his new acquisition, he said … “THIS IS WHAT I CALLED A CAR !!!”

Yes, those were the exact words … you can more or less guess the tone and manner and the way he stressed the words.

Well, like I said … people make statements … some motivating, some daring, some interesting and some are just simple words but this one … just arrogant !

OK, if that is what a car is … then what the fuck am I driving all this while ?

What I am driving has 4 wheels (plus a spare one in the booth), has a steering (senget a bit due to the misalignment of the wheels), has a 5-speed auto transmission (including a gostan gear), has 4 doors (back left cannot open, lock broken), has brakes (on all 4 wheels and come with sound effects), has a roof (duct taped to prevent rain water dripping in), has two wipers (from shopee), has an engine 1.6L (with fuel injection some more), has an exhaust pipe (at good times it breaths white smoke, at other times it is black and loud), has a radio (with AM & FM channels), has a speedometer (always stay at zero) … plus a pair headlights (fogged a bit), 3 brake lights (plastic covers faded to almost pink rather than red), 2 reverse lights (one without cover), 4 signal lights (all sides working … left, right, front and back) and last but not least, it has a working hand brake (that pull up to almost 90 degrees to the floor board).

Now, let me ask … aren’t these the characteristics of a car ??? Well, maybe to some arrogant fellas … it is not worthy enough to be called a car.

OK, no problem … it is a camel then.

Hmmmm, I think we have more camels on the road than the whole of Sahara.


  1. Hi there. It has been a long while since you’ve posted here. Anyway, hope all is well.

    Maybe the world is getting more materialistic and the people flaunt their wealth. After reading your blog for sometime, I realize true happiness is not only about material ownership. I’m trying really hard to learn to live a better life. I’m still working hard not because of trying to outdo Ali or Ah Kow, but I need to! I’m doing something that I love now that’s farming and your posts have really help me to become a simple man..

    Hang on there bro. Thank you

    1. Thanks for spending time on my blog ... yes, have been cutting down on writing cos now took up new activities (since Covid lockdown) ... music and a bit of amateur home audio visual recording and editing.

      But will continue to write as and when there are things and stories that are worth sharing.

      Yes, people flaunt their wealth ... it is their right to show their successes and achievements in whatever ways they like to ... that is ok. But, there are those tends to show a bit of arrogance and what they say very often undermine the people who may have less than them.

      Thanks again ... take care.