March 30, 2010

No one should claim to have “found” any part the Klang Gate Ridge, it was there already thousands of years ago.

This is a section of the Klang Gate Range that is not explored by many. As a matter of fact, not many people knew of this stretch. Early last year, we did some research on the internet and checked out the nearby area to see how we go about hiking up the peak. Finally in July last year, we managed find a route into this area and cut our way up to the peak. We were quite excited however we did not really put too much hype on that place. I wrote a short story about it on my blog and later posted it to on the internet.

Early this year, I got to know a group of trekkers and thinking that we all share the same passion, I introduced to them this section of the ridge and later I took them to attempt the peak again. However, we were not successful as the leaves and bushes had covered up the trail to the peak. We cannot find a way to the peak and abandoned our attempt after several hours.

Then last week, the same group of trekkers made another attempt on the peak and this time they were successful. I congratulate them. Of course they were excited (as we were when we reached the peak) and many pictures were taken and posted. I saw these nice pictures.

However I was disappointed when they claimed they have “found” this peak and put a name to it. No one can deny that they have reached the peak and all credits to the group for their great attempt. But to stake a claim to say that they found the peak and name it, I feel that it is not appropriate.

My group and I have been to the peak long before them … and before us, we know of other groups that have gone up to the same peak. We did not stake any claim or put a name to it, nor did all the groups before us. We just said that we found a way to the peak of this section of the Klang Gate Ridge. Nobody should claim to have found it and give it a name … it was there all the while. Even Sir Edmund Hillary did not claim that he found the peak of the highest mountain in the world … he just claimed he was the first to scaled it. Later there were stories that it was the shepa guide, Tenzing Norgay who reached the peak first … anyway, both did not claim to have “found” the highest peak in the world. It was there already. They just reached it.

I now regretted that I took this group of people to this part of the ridge. I only have this to say … we are all passionate trekkers and nature lovers, sharing our experiences and stories of places we have been so that it will benefit other trekkers as well. My advice to all … be humble, no need to show off … the whole range of Klang Gate Ridge is for everyone … no one should claim that they have found any part of this beautiful ridge. It was there already thousands of years ago.


Anonymous said...

R u a person like to c people smile? I doubt so.

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Yes, I like to see people smile but just that I don't like those who are not smiling genuinely.

If you have the audacity to comment on my blog, at least have the gut to leave a name. Oh I forgot, some people don't even have the courtsey to thank the people who provided assistance.

Anonymous said...

Shiek, who are these people?

Jeffrey L

Anonymous said...

So if they climb G. Datuk in Rembau then they can call it Gunung Datuk Saya. So it is their grandfather's mountain? Sssssk!!!

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Jeff, never mind who these people are or which mountain belongs to their grandfather. Don't want to start a bickering war of words.

I have stated my points and views. It will stop at this point.

Teck Wyn said...

It was ungrateful for those folk if they did not acknowledge your help. But they are entitled to celebrate their successful climb and name the peak Tabur X if they wish. Just as you were entitled to name it Tabur Far East or Tabur Extreme Right or whatever. Personally, I would hope that someone would go and find out what the local Temuan call the peak. To my mind that would provide a more meaningful name. It would also be good if details such the exact hight, altitude and location of the peak can be published. Thanks all!

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi Teck Wyn

Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that people are entitled to celebrate their success. Anyway, I cannot stop anyone naming anything ... I am just expressing my own point of view. There may be people who agree or disagree with me ... it is OK.

As to why I refer it as Far East or Extreme Right, it is to make a reference to it being at the further east or further right side of the whole range ... using existing Tabur East and Tabur West as a guide.

Thanks again.


Caryn Lim said...

Greetings Shiek,

I came across your blog and manage to find out some information regarding this hill. It is very helpful and I appreciate it a lot for your effort to write in details.

Like the others mentioned, I think it is okay for people to state that they found the place. Found does not mean proclaimed like what you highlighted here. As for them, found is like came across. Just like I found this website after some research about Tabur Hills.

When my group of 3 went to this particular place, I managed to encounter a group of 15 Malay hikers and when ask them about what's the proper name for this hill; they too said it is called Tabur Extreme. Not like what other name like Tabur X, Tabur Far East and Tabur Extreme Right.

When ask others who are in their 50s or 60s uncle I met at Bukit Saga, they too called it Tabur Extreme because of the condition. Perhaps the name was all along Extreme and you do not aware about that? That's only my assumption and I hope you never take things as an argument like what you did towards the others. Thanks again for your blog and thumbs up for that.


Shiek Eng Meng said...

Hi Caryn

Thanks for reading my blog wasn't called "extreme" before. This is a "glamour" name given by the group of people I mentioned in my blog. Tabur X also means "extreme".

So it is refered to as Tabur Extreme nowadays ... so be it. Doesn't matter anymore. Everyone is very excited about this peak now and people have opened new trails leading to this peak.

We trek and we share experience and of course we are all very proud of the peaks we managed to conquered.

If people want to show off, I can't stop them ... there are people who can climb as high as they want but too bad their characters remains low and shallow.

I write to stress my views and it is strictly from my own perspective ... people can disagree with me, by all means.

Thanks again for reading my blog :) If you don't mind, please leave a contact.

Maybe we meet while trekking in the future.


Caryn Lim said...

Chinese particular love to show off. Don't you think so? Some do not bother to tell you where the location was, some want themselves to called sifu or specific town name with them (example Taiping Goh, Kuantan Lim aka Sifu Lim). Unlike most Malay friends I trek together (with company buddies) it was really about enjoying rather than getting fame for the number of mountains conquered.

You can write to my email at I seldom hike these days as I based at Penang. Perhaps you can try to hike Kedah mountains like Gunung Bintang, Jerai and some beautiful spots like Bukit Hijau and Sedim. If got chance, we will meet some day.